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2016 Great Lakes Division Points Standings - Through Mid Ohio October Races

The Divisional Champ Series point standings after the October Mid Ohio races are posted below. These are the final results for the 2016 racing season. Trophies will be awarded to those eligible drivers who ran in at least 4 races, at more than one track, and finished in fourth place or higher in points. There must be at least two participants in class for a first place trophy, at least three in class for first and second, and so forth. There are a lot of trophies this year....Congratulations! Your name will be on the trophy exactly as listed in the points standings, so if you are getting a trophy and have a correction, let me know ASAP.

If you have any questions, concerns or see anything you think is in error, please contact me. I'm most responsive via email ( If I don't respond within 24 hours, you probably went to spam, so call. (513-658-4677). Please include your car class(es) for faster response.

Have a good off-season. See you next year on the grid!


Race_scoring_RCS-2016-10-09.pdf77.58 KB
Race_scoring_RCS-2016-08-07.pdf73.98 KB
Race_scoring_RO-2016-08-07.pdf55.84 KB
Race_scoring_RCS-2016-07-17.pdf69.72 KB
Race_scoring_RO-2016-07-17.pdf52.81 KB
Race_scoring_RCS-2016-06-26.pdf64.34 KB
Race_scoring_RO-2016-06-26.pdf51.21 KB
Race_scoring_RO-2016-05-22.pdf51 KB
Race_scoring_RCS-2015-10-11.pdf85.73 KB
Race_scoring_GLD-2015-R0.pdf271.83 KB
Race_scoring_RCS-2014-102414a.pdf522.22 KB

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