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The following are links to the SCCA Great Lakes Division and Northern Conference track websites along with information on lodging and current weather.

GingerMan Raceway / lodging / weather

Grattan Raceway / lodging / weather

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course / lodging / weather

Nelson Ledges Road Course / lodging / weather

Records for GLDiv tracks can be found below.

Gingerman Track Records MAY 2016.pdf234.16 KB
Gingerman Track Records July 2016.pdf234.17 KB
Gingerman Track Records July 2015.pdf197.66 KB
Gingerman Track Records May 2015 197.69 KB
Gingerman Track Records 2.14 Mile Track July 2014. 196.35 KB
Gingerman Track Records 1.88 Mile Track July 2010 31.57 KB
GrattanTrackRecords August 2016.pdf248.76 KB
GrattanTrackRecords June 2016.pdf248.76 KB
GrattanTrackRecords June 2015.pdf210.1 KB
GrattanTrackRecords August 2014207.85 KB
GrattanTrackRecords June 2014 206.77 KB
Grattan Track Records July 2013 205.91 KB
midohio pro course 2.258 records.pdf17.58 KB
midohio pro course records jul 2016.pdf17.24 KB
midohio 2.258 mile records june 2016.pdf17.08 KB
midohio 2.4 mile records june 2016.pdf17.06 KB
midohio records pro course aug 2015.pdf37.9 KB
midohio records oct 2014 club course .16.79 KB
midohio track records 2.258 mile sep 1 2014 17.11 KB
midohio records oct 2014 pro course.pdf17.12 KB
midohio track records 2.4 mile sep 1 2014 20.55 KB
MidOhio Track Records June 2014 37.98 KB
MidOhio Track Records September 2013 2.258 mile 26.47 KB
MidOhio Track Records September 2013 2.4 mile 26.41 KB
MIS Track Records August 2015.pdf188.05 KB
MIS Track Records 5-26-13 193.12 KB
NCM_Track_Records_6-14-15.pdf242.87 KB
NL Track Records May 201135.5 KB

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