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Johhny Appleseed Rally

Event Date: 
Oct 17 2015

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The Johnny Applesed Rally will return from a several year hiatus on Saturday, October 17 2015. The Johnny Appleseed name is a legacy from a National rally hosted by Neohio Region, SCCA in the 1960’s. The approximately 125 mile route will wind through the hills of Ohio’s Tuscarawas, Carroll and Harrison counties. Fall foliage should be near peak coloration.

Competitors can expect an absolutely straightforward, gimmick-free time-speed-distance (TSD) road rally. The emphasis will be on precise timing at well-placed controls. The rally counts toward the SCCA Great Lakes Division Rally Championship as well as the SCCA National Touring Rally Championship (Regional Rally).

A columnar "tulip" route instruction format will be used. Redundant, clarifying instructions will be included anywhere that there is any question of route-following ambiguity. Ample transit mileage will be included to allow competitors to traverse sensitive areas without disturbing residents, and enjoy the route.

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