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Road Rally, RallySprint, Circuit Rally, Rally Cross, Division Series

Son of Sno*Drift XVI

Event Date: 
Jan 10 2015

*****Updated with event summary*****

2017 GLD Road Rally Championship Standings

Event Date: 
Sep 19 2017

Attached are the championship point standings for each class, as of 9/18/17.

2017 Twilight Tour Divisional TSD

Event Date: 
Apr 22 2017

Official results from Twilight Tour, which ran on 4/22/17.

2017 GLD Road Rally Schedule

Event Date: 
Jan 1 2017 - Dec 31 2017

*****Updated schedule with corrected date for Clare Color Tour*****

Covered Bridges 2016

Event Date: 
Oct 30 2016

Last event of the 2016 GLD championship series!

Clare Color Tour Road Rally

Event Date: 
Oct 1 2016

*****Results posted*****

Clare Color Tour will take place on October 1, 2016. See the attached flyer for all details.

Press On Regardless 2016

Event Date: 
Sep 10 2016 - Sep 11 2016

The 68th running of the oldest continuously contested Road Rally in North America. POR consists of two sanctioned events - competitors can run the first "half" of the route, or all of it.

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